How to Launch Your New Business in 2021!

Want to get your Business Idea to Market? We will show you How!

This exciting new webinar introduces you to the entrepreneurial journey, from finding an idea to launching it in a market, effective business management and marketing to creating awareness and customer engagement. You will learn key functions, strategies and skills required to manage your startup and give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Focus is on Less Theory- more on Real & Practical business experiences.

A great investment of your time if you are new to business or planning to start your new venture.

Who should attend:

Thursday 11th April, 2021
Start 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm GMT (UK Time)
Q&A 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm

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    Speaker Profiles

    John Doe is a Serial Entrepreneur, who over the last 13 years has built 5 businesses in 5 different industry sectors across 4 countries providing 200 products and services.

    He started all his ventures from scratch and build a network of highly powerful contacts around every business to support and sustain his businesses.

    His initial struggles made him realise that business is very difficult unless you consciously do certain things to make it easy, he turned this into deep research and started coming up with formulas, blueprints, and frameworks to enable him to run several businesses simultaneously without much hassle.

    Along with running his businesses, he now teaches other Entrepreneurs the specific mechanics that make businesses happen. He is the most sought after turnaround and growth specialist in the Entrepreneur Space.

    He has worked with people from 20 different nations and clients across several industry sectors from Small Businesses to Large Organisations and Government Departments.

    He is best known as the tactical problem-solver and out of the box thinker who loves creative ways to find solutions to pressing problems.​

    CEO and Founder
    Company Name

    John Doe

    John’s professional background includes a successful track record in sales and management positions in global Pharmaceutical/Life Science companies spanning over 25 plus years. Commercial roles include VP Europe for a global management consultancy, Commercial Director, Global Head of Sales & Marketing, Head of Business Development and Sales. In Management Consultancy John has over 10 years experience in Strategy/Leadership, Operations, Sales Effectiveness, BD, Change/Business Transformation, Training/Coaching, Marketing, Project Management and Events Management. He has designed and delivered commercial training courses to many global companies and in different sectors. His business experiences include several key Non-Executive Director roles such as at NHS Stoke-on-Trent and Chairman of Sport England West Midlands. He has experience of 4 start-up business enterprises, such as ‘MBA Staffordshire’ a new business support organisation, and Eighty20 Marketing, so understands fully the pressures and challenges of setting up a business and entrepreneurship. He brings his experiences and a real passion for business into all the training courses!

    CEO and Founder
    Company Name

    John Doe