Our team of experienced ex Big 4 professionals have drawn on their combined decades of experience delivering on large IT and transformation programs for blue chip clients to develop a methodology that is visually driven and agile to ensure your vision and requirements are captured in the product being built, avoiding the classic problem of delivering a square peg when what the client had in mind was a wheel. Our approach is also adjusted for small and medium business scenarios.

Understand customer’s business, problem statement and budget


Develop wireframes/mock-up/prototype per major actors’ views + Budget Estimate

Look & Feel

Select theme (if applicable) and/or agree UI look and feel and branding guidelines


Functional & Technical Architecture Design Documentation


Write code / configure / Assemble modules


Unit, Integration, Stress and Security Tests


UAT, Deployment & Training


Support & Operation

Validate Business Objective

Develop wireframes/mock-up/prototype per major actors’ views + budget estimate

For Digital and Social Media Man Marketing projects we follow the approach below, again visually driven for effective client communication.